women's sex club killing kittens

Women’s Sex Club “Killing Kittens”

Ever been to a sex party? Have you considered going to one? An exclusive members sex club has been creating a buzz lately, and there’s a big possibility of it launching in Australia.

English woman, Emma Sayle is the founder of Killing Kittens, a sexual organisation and membership club which offers a safe and sexually-charged environment where people can explore their deepest fantasies and sexual desires.

Killing Kittens – Women’s Elite Sex Club

The name Killing Kittens come from the slogan “Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten”. It’s also a cyber slang term for masturbation.

This exclusive sex club became famous because of the much talked about masked sex parties held in secret locations. But not everybody can be a member of this club as members have to pass a strict vetting system and must be “gorgeous” in order to be admitted. The sex party club currently has thousands of sexually liberated and non-monogamous couples and members worldwide. Some of them include celebrities and politicians, plus the rich and the beautiful.

Killing Kitten’s secret parties have policy guidelines which grant women a measure of sexual power and control. For example, men can only attend as part of a couple while women can attend alone. Men are not allowed to approach women unless they know them – they have to wait till they’re spoken to. On the other hand, women are allowed to approach anyone they like and it’s the ladies’ discretion, to initiate any interaction, sexual or otherwise. The Killing Kittens community is all about the quest for female pleasure. It’s also about the whole women empowerment thing where women can feel in control and explore their sexuality in a safe environment.

The parties are all different, it’s anything goes. A lot of girls are exploring other girls and there are loads of different aspects where some couples come in because the girl wants to try things with another girl or experience a threesome or just a big group orgy. Others are just curious voyeurs who only watch and do not get involved. They just want to see what it’s like first and then they decide.

Elite sex clubs are not for everyone. They are for people who believe that life is all about “sharing”. I mean, if you think about it, sharing your partner with others is probably the best display of security. The most secure and in love couples are the ones that go to these kinds of parties. They explore together and keep their sex lives alive – there’s no threat. They’re completely secure about themselves and their relationship and look at it as just an experience.

In a way, Killing Kittens created some kind of a fantasy world, an escape from the normal world if you will, where the carnal urge doesn’t necessarily involve a couple alone.