Should You Tell Your Girlfriend If You Slept with an Escort?

Over the decades, prostitution is still considered as the ”quick-money profession” until today. With the prostitution being rampant in some places around the world, it’s so easy to be with someone anytime if you wanted to as long as you have money in your pocket. But how about when you are in a relationship? Are you going to tell to your partner that you slept with an escort? In general, I think it is necessary to tell it to your partner so she will know what will be the consequences and the possible health risk that may appear in the future.

When you are in a relationship, you better off sleeping with an escort as it may messed up your relationship but if you had permission and your girlfriend agreed with it then you won’t have a problem. Paying an escort is just a usual thing to promiscuous couples. Prostitutes or escorts are known to have high rates of STD’s. The fact that when you slept with an escort and you didn’t tell to your girlfriend, it is possible that you could get a deadly disease and your girlfriend may get infected.

Some of us preferred not to tell to their partners when they slept with an escort. It will give them a bad image causing to mistrust them by their partners. They can’t see the point in hurting somebody over something that may ruin the relationship they had for so long. But some of them ended-up confessing their secret because of guilt. It would have been easy for them to have said nothing, but they wanted to be truthful about what they did. It is a sign of deep faith in the relationship that they have been honest with their partners – as well as a sign of no intention for doing it again.

When a man had sex with prostitute and his condom breaks, his taking that risk, not to mention that his testicles are still unprotected from skin diseases. Does anybody want to catch chlamydia, genital warts, herpes, crabs etc.?  If you are planning to have sex with an escort, take every precaution to protect yourself against AIDS and other STD’s so be smart – always practice safe sex. Wearing protection is not 100% fool proof protection against HIV, although it is certainly better than nothing.

Society today is very dangerous, having sex with an escort doesn’t give you a full guarantee that they don’t have any infectious or fatal diseases so if ever you are going to have sex with them, particularly with vaginal and anal sex although there is a rare cases of the disease being transmitted through oral sex, it is still better to make sure you are always using protection. Even you used a condom, you still have to get tested as it is not fully safe because it can break and there’s a part that can’t be covered entirely by condom.

Majority says that it’s better to invest pleasurable sex with a highly paid escort than any other ordinary prostitutes because of their sexual health awareness and being educated about it, they are much safer. They have regular health check-up with medical professionals making sure they are always clean and diseases-free. However, with the nature of their job, there’s still no guarantee – you may still have a chance of contracting something you didn’t pay for so its best to only have sex with a partner you’re in a relationship with.