masturbation month of may

International Masturbation Month of May

Happy Masturbation Month, everybody!

That’s right, May is the month dedicated to all things masturbation. Although it is an act that people have taken part in since the beginning of time; it’s only been since 1995 that we have celebrated it officially throughout a whole month. We have the positive-sex organization, Good Vibrations and former surgeon-general Jocelyn Elders to thank for the official celebrations.

Elders addressed the United Nations at International AIDS Day, and surprised the audience with what she had to say. She was encouraging the so-called filthy act of masturbation, especially in young people. She talked about the health benefits and how it could even help prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, stating that it should be taught. But the act of masturbation was and still is considered a taboo subject. The speech cost her reputation and her job. She was fired because of it.

Good Vibrations listened, heard, and respected the speech Elders had made, and ever since then, honoured it throughout the month of May.

It is still a touchy subject for most people though. While the large majority of people admit to masturbating, it is often a topic swept under the rug and not discussed. But, why? It’s something┬ánormal, healthy, and it feels good. Nearly all of us do it, so why is it so hard to talk about?

This May, let’s commit to celebrating masturbation month as intended. Masturbation may be considered a second-rate means of pleasure, but really, you’re the one who knows what and where it feels nice. You probably give yourself the greatest pleasure. Knowing yourself and your body is the best way to get your partner to know you and your sweet spots. If you can’t get yourself off, who can?

And don’t think that the celebrations need to end there. Masturbation doesn’t have to be a completely solo act. Why not bring your partner in on the celebrations. You could learn something about each other this month. And of course there are always toys to consider as well. Why not try something new? Maybe it’s something you’ve thought about but never tried, or maybe it’s something you haven’t even heard of yet. Have a look and see what’s out there, you’ll never know if you like it until you try it.

Enjoy your Masturbation Month this year. Can you feel the sexual liberation… or is that something else you’re feeling?