professional mistress

How to Get a Job as a Professional Mistress

Most of us are familiar about the term mistress also known as a kept woman or a female lover in which a married man is in a secret relationship with. But did you know that some rich men also look for the services of a professional mistress? Nope, not the dominatrix type mistress, but the exclusive mistress for hire.

How To Be A Professional Mistress

Some escorts and sex workers agree to be a professional mistress. They’re usually approached by older financially secured men who want them to play the role of the other woman in an exclusive relationship.

Older rich men who are married or otherwise are more open to having this kind of arrangement, especially those who are unfit to handle the physical and mental demands of having a real mistress. They instead hire someone available to them for a price to fit that role for them.

Being a professional mistress can be quite a lucrative business for escorts and sex workers as this profession involves a big deal of money. It can be a short term deal, from 6 months to a year or even go long term and last for a number of years.

A professional mistress is paid a huge amount of money and can earn about $120k per year. She is also provided tasteful accommodations with the luxurious lifestyle she desires plus all expenses accrued in the normal course of her activities. Of course, in exchange, she is to provide “mistress services” and aside from the companionship, she is to perform all sexual acts requested by the client. This will always be a requirement as this kind of relationship is based on a contract with terms and conditions wherein the client sets out what’s expected in the transaction.

Not all escorts and sex workers are willing to be a professional mistress as this business agreement would mean giving up sex work while in contract to be available as a mistress to the client. Some are into it because of its exclusivity and some because they are drawn away by the lavish lifestyle and promises of riches. Why wouldn’t they when we’re talking about luxurious apartments, cars, travel, not to mention the attractive income.

Escorts are usually offered this kind of job and although there is supposed to be no possibility of a relationship with an escort or prostitute, some end up having real connections and real possibilities of romance.