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Escorts, Prostitutes, Call Girls or Hookers?

What is the most appropriate naming label for a sex worker? Is it an escort, call girl, hooker or plain old prostitute? Well, it all depends on your social circumstance I suppose. If you were sharing the story of your recent exploits in this area with your mates, you might amp it up a bit by calling her a prostitute or hooker. However, if you were itemising your expenditure for your tax return before sending it over to your accountant, you may refer to escort services being provided.

What about when you are calling a brothel or an individual sex worker making enquiries? I would recommend the general term ‘girl’, if it is indeed a girl you are looking for, alternatively, if it is a boy, you might enquire about renting one of their ‘boys’. Somehow, these terms are a little friendlier and less functional in nature than ‘call girl’ or sex worker. The term hooker is a very American slang word for prostitute and sounds like you have been watching too many Hollywood films about gangsters.

Escort is one of those euphemisms, which seek to conceal the true nature of the job at hand. Call girl could also be charged with being an equivocation that focuses on one non-sexual aspect of the job description. Prostitute comes from the Latin prostituta , which is the feminine of prostitutus, the past participle of prostituere, which translates as ‘standing exposing publicly’. This infers the street corner whore offering her services.

Harlot is another name, as is whore, but these would more generally fit into the derogatory category for naming sex workers. These terms are often used, along with slut, to brand women as morally unfit with regard to their sexual proclivities. The commercial sex worker can hardly be fairly blamed for the actions associated with carrying out her profession. It is, merely, another example of the hypocritical attitudes of many men, who happily utilise the services of a willing woman but will condemn her if she happens to be in a relationship with them or a friend.

Heterosexual relationships like marriage have their roots in ‘ownership of property’; women were the chattels of their men according to the law. Marriage is cloaked in tradition, as we can see by the Australian Government’s unwillingness to ratify same sex marriages under law. Human relationships remain locked in outdated attitudes and behaviours, as evidenced by the continuing high levels of domestic violence directed at women by their male partners in this country.

What we call a woman and what we call a sex worker are all linked culturally and psychologically. What do you call a prostitute?