sexual submissive characteristics

12 Things that Might Define a Sexual Submissive

What is a Sexual Submissive?

Sexual submission is associated to the related patterns of human sexual behavior which includes sadomasochism, power exchange, bondage or any forms of sexual play. It’s a lifestyle in which the submissive is obligated to do whatever sexual acts the dominant partner demands.

Submission takes the form of obedience in relation to any aspect of conduct and behavior. It may be a part of a sexual roleplay or acts of servitude. The level and type of submission can vary from person to person and may be manifested in many different ways. It’s usually associated with humiliation, punishment or sexual slavery.

A sexual submissive person is one who submits or give over his or her rights as a gift and seeks to submit to another. Some of the things that may define a sexual submissive are:

  1. Wants the kink or fetish. A sexual submissive likes the thrill of being restrained, spanked, whipped or whatever the fetish may be, and once the sex act is over they feel happy and content.
  2. Extremely obedient in bed. Pleasures on being told what to do or how to behave and does whatever a Dominant orders him or her to do.
  3. Enjoys the pleasure of totally relinquishing power and willingly gives up control. He or she has a deep need or desire to surrender and give up at least some part of his or her will and power to a Dominant.
  4. Takes pleasure in being sexually exploited and abused.
  5. Has an affinity for being degraded or humiliated.
  6. Aroused by the sensations of physical suffering and enjoy receiving pain and pleasure at the same time.
  7. Surrenders the decision-making to the dominant partner, freeing him or her from having to constantly make decisions.
  8. Follows the lead.
  9. Confident in handing the reigns over to someone else and likes the feeling of being overpowered and conquered.
  10. Has a strong desire to submit and be submissive in the bedroom.
  11. Wants to please a Dominant and finds fulfillment and satisfaction when they do.
  12. Puts all trust on a Dominant knowing they are the key to achieving the sexual pleasure and satisfaction a sexual submissive desires.

In submission, strength and trust are required. Sexual submissive people must have the strength and courage to let go of the power and give it to someone else for a time. It’s also important to have complete trust and faith in the dominant partner, believing that he or she will respect them and their boundaries.

Sexual submissive people are able to live out their fantasies and are therefore fulfilled in that aspect of their lives.